Flexible spending account

Offer our new health care FSA, dependent care FSA or even a limited-purpose FSA that works with a health savings account plan — or offer all three!

FLEX your FSA!

As an employer, you want to balance the needs of your business with the needs of your employees. But they don’t need to be exclusive of each other. Flexing your FSA your way means you can make things easier for your company while also taking care of your employees. Watch the video below to see just how.

Health care FSA (FSA)

Dependent care FSA (DCFSA)

Limited-purpose FSA (LPFSA)

How it works

  • Can be paired with our health reimbursement account or even our Commuter benefits, as long as you also have a health plan with us
  • Used for various qualified eligible health care expenses, such as doctor’s office visits, prescription drugs and more
  • For employees, spouses and eligible dependents
  • Good for things like expected health-related expenses, as well as unexpected ones, such as ER visits and root canals

How it works

  • Can be paired with our health reimbursement account or even our Commuter benefits, as long as you also have a health plan with us
  • Used for qualified eligible expenses related to care for a child, disabled spouse, elderly parent or other dependent physically or mentally unable to care for themselves
  • For employees
  • Good for things such as child care or care for an aging parent

How it works

  • Can be paired with our health savings account
  • Used for qualified eligible vision or dental care expenses only
  • For employees, spouses and eligible dependents
  • Can also help pay for “luxury” items, such as designer prescription sunglasses or teeth straightening

No matter which FSA you offer, here’s how they work:

As the employer, you set the limit on the amount that can be placed into an FSA each year, up to the maximum set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Employees fund the accounts by deciding the amount of pre-tax earnings to place into their FSA. Their contributions are deducted from their paychecks in equal amounts throughout the year.*

You have the option to choose to include a debit card with the FSA that employees can use to pay for qualified expenses.

* Depending on the group, employees may be able to spend the total amount for the year for a health care or limited-purpose FSA on day one of their plan. For a dependent care FSA, money can only be used as it is accrued in the account.

Go on, FLEX your FSA!

You can offer the Act Wise FSA with any of our health plans or pair it with our HSA, HRA or Commuter benefits.

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Looking for something else to meet your needs?

If the Act Wise CDHP doesn’t meet your needs, you can always bundle the FSA with any of our medical options, including our preferred provider organization (PPO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) plans.

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What are the benefits of the Act Wise FSA?

Ease of use

A better, seamless experience through a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Bundled savings

Offering our FSA with our health plans means discounted rates.

Less administrative work

One benefits administrator makes it easier to gather information and create reports for expenses.

One debit card

All health care expenses can be tied to the same debit card, if applicable.

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