Health reimbursement account

With a variety of HRA plans available, you have choices with the benefits you offer — and your employees have choices when it comes to their care.

How it works

  • You determine the annual contribution amount credited to each employee’s account.
  • With some plans, employees may get a debit card.
  • If there are funds in the HRA, employees can use their debit card or online/mobile tools to pay for health care costs. The HRA also can be set up to automatically apply funds toward each claim.
  • If there aren’t enough funds in the account, employees will have to pay the cost out of pocket until they meet their deductible. You will only be responsible for HRA funds applied toward claims.
  • Any funds that remain at the end of a year can be rolled over to the following year, if you choose to allow that. If employees leave the company or change health plans, they cannot take any remaining funds with them

Keep in mind, you can pair an HRA with a flexible spending account

The Act Wise FSA can be offered with any of our health plans.

Check out the FSA

What are the benefits of the Act Wise HRA?

Flexibility in plan design

The HRA is controlled by you, not your employees.

Low risk

Funds stay with you if employees leave.

Improved employee engagement

Employees can be more involved in their own health and well-being.*

Lower costs

Simply providing the health benefit to employees can help keep your health-related costs in check.*

* Alegeus website: 3 Reasons Employers Should Offer Health Reimbursement Accounts in Addition to HSAs (September 1, 2016):

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