Health savings account

The opportunity to save for the long term with an HSA offers enhanced value to your employees and greater satisfaction.

How it works

  • Employees can contribute tax-free money to the health savings account (HSA), up to a certain amount each year. As the employer, you may also add money to the account.
  • Employees will get a debit card by mail to pay for things such as doctor visits and prescriptions.
  • If there’s money in the HSA, they can use the debit card to pay for health care costs.
  • If there isn’t enough money in the account, they will have to pay the cost out of pocket until they meet their deductible.
  • Any funds left in the account from year to year can be carried over and remain with the employee who owns them. If employees leave the company or change health plans, they will be able to take any remaining funds with them.

Think you can’t pair an HSA with a flexible spending account? Think again!

With the Act Wise limited-purpose FSA, your employees can pay for eligible vision and dental expenses.

Check out the FSA

What are the benefits of the Act Wise HSA?


You decide whether to help fund the HSA.

Tax savings

You and/or your employees can make tax-deductible contributions.

Enhanced value & greater satisfaction

Your employees can enjoy the long-term savings opportunity.

Less administrative work

The responsibility falls to your employees.

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